Episode 11

Published on:

16th Mar, 2021

Episode 10

Published on:

9th Mar, 2021

Episode 9

Published on:

2nd Mar, 2021

Episode 8

Published on:

23rd Feb, 2021

Episode 7

Published on:

16th Feb, 2021

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About the Podcast

Humans of Non-League
Interviewing the people who make football happen
These are the Humans of Non-League. The local heroes who make non-league football happen – the managers, players, officials, volunteers and supporters who prop up the vast cultural phenomenon of football outside the spotlight. Interviewed one on one by Chris Nee.

About your host

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Chris Nee

I have extensive podcasting experience and have produced, edited and hosted hundreds of episodes of various shows since 2009.

Through Podelectric I am available for end-to-end podcasting consultancy. Unlike other podcasting freelancers, my background in narrative marketing means I take a brand-friendly approach to developing audio content.

I'm also the Managing Editor of Sphinx Football, a network of football podcasts.